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Why you should hire a professional real estate photographer.



Professional photos sell houses and they make you, the agent, look good in
the process. They more than pay for themselves in higher selling prices and
increased business. There is really no reason NOT to have professional photos!



Great pictures sell houses faster:


To sell a house fast, you need lots of showings right from the start.  Stunning professional photos improve showing appointments..drastically!  When buyers are looking at the MLS, having professional pictures makes your property stand out in a big way, driving up showings.  


In fact, different studies have shown that listings with professional images are looked at on average twice as often as those listings with amateur photos. Another study (cited in the WSJ) showed that listings with images taken by professionals with professional camera equipment can garner a 2%-10% premium to comparable listings taken with just a point and click camera.



It's good for your business / Increases your referrals:

As a business person, the return on investment you get from professional photos makes them a 'no-brainer'. When you wow your client with fantastic photography, they are going to share the results with friends… on facebook… in emails… and tell people they work with, “My agent had professional photos done of my property. Doesn’t it look beautiful?”


Your clients will be wowed that you went the extra step to professionaly market their property, and they do tell their friends. Your business will definitely benefit, I've seen it again and again.



Bad photos can make you look unprofessional:


As recently as two years ago it wouldn't have mattered if your pictures were sub-par, everybody's were!  Your clients might not have liked your photos, but were unlikely to complain because they didn't expect different. Well... those days are gone. Because so many agents now have professional photos, your lousy photos are now the ones sticking out like a sore thumb. A growing percentage of your clients are now aware that the best agents use professional marketing and photos and wonder why you don't, hurting your reputation and business. 



The Bottom Line...


The time when professional photos were an option are quickly ending. Top agents in your market are already using them and those that don't, look amateurish in comparison. But don't take my word for it, look for yourself at the photos of the biggest agents in your market, odds are they are already using professional photos...and taking business from you!


They don't use professional photos for the fun of it, they do it because it sells houses and makes them money through increased client satisfaction and referrals. You should too!



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