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"The homes I list aren't nice enough for professional photos"

The above image is obviously a little extreme, but I often hear from agents that they were hesitant to contact us because they didn't think their listings were nice enough for professional photos. Almost as if they thought we would not think their listings were worthy of our time.

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, the vast majority of homes we shoot are in the 200-400k price range and it's these homes that often benefit the most from professional photography. Here's why... In this price range, your clients are often wowed that their home has been marketed in such a professional manner which tends to make you, the agent, look really good.

Smaller, less expensive homes also tend to be well...smaller, but also darker, and this is where our photos really make a difference. We specialize in making dark and small spaces appear bright and less small making a drastic difference in overall feel....which leads to more showings.

So it really doesn't matter what the price of the house is, professional photos impress your sellers, improve your reputation, and increase showings. Win, Win, Win!

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