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Hi Everybody!  As the founder and head photographer at Property Snappers, I'd like to tell you a little about our company and why I'm positive you will be happy going the professional photos route.


As recently as two or three years ago, it didn't matter if your listing photos were bad, everybody's were! Your sellers might not have liked your photos but they didn't expect much better so your were off the hook. That has drastically changed today.


Now, a growing number of agents (usually the top agents) use professional photos and sometimes floor plans. Sure they like that it increases showings and helps sell houses, but the main reason they do it is to build their brand. The top agents know that buyers and sellers take notice of who uses good or bad photos. Bad photos imply that your marketing in general is sub-par while professional photos indicate a professional approach to marketing that sellers now expect.


Over and over I've seen agents switch to professional photos and tell me the positive feedback they get from their clients is amazing. These happy clients tend to tell their friends and family of how their agent went the extra mile to market their home..the agent's reputation/brand is greatly enhanced and their referrals skyrocket.


Here at Property Snappers, our main goal is to help you build your brand and take your business to the next level. Call us today and have one of our experienced photographers help change the way the world sees you! (see our services here)


Gregg P. (Chief Snapper)

Did You Know?


  • According to the WSJ (6/13/12), houses with professional photos have 20% more showings, sell quicker, and for higher prices.

  • Potential home buyers are extremely internet savvy and often totally disregard an online listing if the photos look unprofessional.

  • Home sellers are catching on too, they just don't want professional marketing and photos of their home, they now EXPECT it.

  • Most top Real Estate agents in any specific market are already using professional photos. They've learned that great photos not only sell their listings, they sell the agent! (learn more)




        I use Property Snappers to market all my homes. They bring a professional passion and artistic eye to each and every project, always ensuring each house is presented in it's best possible light. I can't imagine presenting a new listing to the world without their expertise... and exceptional photos!

~ Mary - Realtor, Wilmington




       Using a professional real estate photographer is not only good for my clients, it's been great for my business. My listings sell quicker, my clients are happier, and my reputation as "the agent with the 'great' photos" has home sellers actually seeking me out! 

~ Joseph - Broker, Kennett Square