Common Questions


Why should I choose Property Snappers?


We've been around since 2012, serve hundreds of realtors, and have shot thousands of homes. Our reputation is top notch, and our images stunning. We're also extremely reliable and sensitive to the fact our service is also a reflection on you to your sellers.


How do professional photos differ from photos I would take?

Besides an overall better look and "feel", professional photos avoid the following common mistakes seen in most real estate photos: 1) Overexposed or "blown out" windows. 2). Wrong lens..either not using a wide angle lens (which is usually needed), or using too wide of a lens resulting in distorted rooms. 3) Poor lighting- Dark, dismal images. 4) Uneven lighting- advanced lighting techniques needed to ensure large rooms or rooms with large windows get enough lighting throughout. 5) Converging verticals - fancy term for the vertical elements in a photo (walls, cabinets, etc) are not straight. 5) Flat images- Having a flash on a camera results in "flat" light and "flat" images. We use off camera flash when needed. 6) Improper white balance- Different light sources (sun, tungsten, flourescent all give off different colors and must be compensated for to ensure room colors are accurate. 7) Poor composition- not enough of the room or the wrong parts of the room showing.  8) No post processing- It is virtually impossible to get a professional looking image 'in' camera.


How do I book a photo shoot? How far in advance should I book?

The best way to book is here via our website. There you will be able to see open spots on our calendar, book, and pay all in one place. 


How and when will I receive my images?

Images are delivered by the end of the next BUSINESS day. If you need the photos sooner, we offer a RUSH service which gets you your images the next day by 10am.. for an additional $50. 


How do I pay?

All payments must be made online at time of booking. You can choose to have our system remember you, so next time you book you won't have to reenter billing information. 


What is a twilight photo?

Exterior photos taken right at dusk provide great balance of interior window light with exterior sunlight providing for truly exceptional photos.  A second trip to your home is required for these twilight shoots incurring an additional charge.  If you think you may be interested in a twilight shoot, let us know right away, as these time slots tend to book up quickly. The cost for a twilight shoot is $150. You must call to schedule.


Can you shoot neighborhood amenities?

Yes, Community Amenities/Second Location is an add on service you can choose when booking your shoot. There is a small additional charge.


The weather has gotten nicer and my exterior looks much better now, will you come reshoot it?

Sure! We often re-shoot front exteriors when requested by client. This qualifies for a $59 return trip rate in which we'll come and provide 4-6 photos of the exterior. 


Can I schedule a shoot on the weekend?

Photographers are available on Saturday for an extra $50 fee. 


What if I am not satisfied with part of your service?

We realize we are only as good as our reputation, so there is nothing we take more seriously than the satisfaction of our clients (both homeowners and real estate agents).  We will do everything within our power to address and rectify your concerns. Thankfully, our clients are overwhelmingly very happy, but if dissatisfaction occurs, rest assured, we will make things right or refund your money in full.  


What do I need to do to prepare for the photo shoot?

The most important thing is to make sure the house is clean and decluttered. We may turn on lights or open or close blinds, but we ARE NOT STAGERS or CLEANERS. It is your responsibility as an agent, to have the house prepared for the photo shoot. We recommend that you meet with your seller prior to the photo shoot to make sure your seller has prepared the house. That said, we know you can only prod your sellers so much to clean and declutter so we are used to working in a wide variety of conditions and will do our best regardless of house condition to present the house in it's best light.  We will provide you and your seller a copy of our Photo Shoot Preparation Checklist to help you prepare. You can find it online here.


Who should be present at the shoot?

It's easier for the photographer when fewer people are in the vacant is best. We realize that isn't usually possible, so we ask that homeowners/agents to please "hide" when the shoot begins to help the process go more quickly.  


What makes Property Snappers images so great?

Time. We spend lots of time post processing your images. Not only does every image get our special fusion process, but each image gets an additional 5-10 minutes of individual attention..color correction, lens corrections, ceiling whitening, and general light "painting" to add dramatic contrast and highlights. Blue skies too!


Do I need an aerial (drone) shot?

Although almost every house benefits from a photo taken at least 10 foot off the ground, true aerial shots are really only a must when the property calls for it. For example..a 20 acre estate in Greenville probably should have an aerial shot to highlight the land and multiple structures.  A 4br colonial in an average suburb on 1/3 of an acre does not need a 100 foot high aerial shot...all it would do is highlight how little land there is and the closeness of neighboring homes.